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Millions Of Arrest Records At Your Fingertips

DISCLAIMER: The information on this site is a matter of public record and complies with public records laws and the Freedom of Information Act. The information has been released voluntarily or has been released by a government body with the authority to do so. If your information appears on this site it is because a government body, authorized to do so, released the information to the public. We retain no liability for said information or their decision to make it public. We do not guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of the content on this site. For updated case status, contact the government body and/or law enforcement agency that originally released the information.


Where does the information on this website come from?

All images and booking data on are imported via complex utilities from the various governmental outlets. This site is not affiliated with any governmental website. All imports are of publicly available data.

How often are new records imported on this site?

The arrest records import process runs every 24 hours. Incomplete records with missing data at the time of last import may be skipped and imported at a later time when all necessary information is available.

What are the primary differences between and the governmental websites?

For the most part, all data and related images for each booking are the same. The primary difference is we display booking information in a graphical manner, making it easier for you to find someone who has been recently arrested. We also offer more options for searching and sorting booking records which include phonetic name and ZIP code searches.

Can I assume the parties shown on this website are guilty?

No! All parties represented in the mug shots of this site are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Will the records of minors be displayed on this website?

If a specific record for a minor/juvenile is made available on the governmental websites, then that data will typically be available on our website as well.

Will a record be removed from this website if the party is found innocent and/or the charges are dismissed for any other reason?

All records found on the site will remain as imported from the governmental website. Record removal can be completed by paying the necessary administrative fees.